CSISS New Year Updates

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CSISS 2021 Annual Reports

CSISS had a wonderful team and accomplished a great deal in 2021 with our aquatic, terrestrial and outreach programs throughout the Columbia Shuswap region.

A year of provincial health regulations and a summer of heat and smoke gave us a unique opportunity to seek new ways to adapt to a changing world.

See our annual report infographic for highlights of each program as well as a financial year review. See our detailed annual report for a more comprehensive look at what the team accomplished.

We would like to extend a BIG thank you to all of our generous funders and supporters!

Read our Annual Report
Invasive Mussel Free in 2021
In 2021, CSISS sampled for invasive zebra and quagga mussels across the Columbia Shuswap Region with support from the Province, and funding support from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and the Shuswap Watershed Council. Survey results:  
  • 13 water-bodies,
  • 24 locations,
  • 166 plankton samples, &
  • 0 Invasive mussels! 

There are no known infestations of invasive mussels in BC. Visit here for BC updates.  

Blanket Creek Restoration Project Update
2022 will see us enter the third year of the Blanket Creek restoration project. The site is resting beneath a deep layer of snow right now. We look forward to seeing what emerges once the snow melts in the spring. 
Blanket Creek Restoration Project:
Video Update
Staff Updates for the New Year

The new year will bring some more changes to the CSISS team. Our dedicated Executive Director Robyn Hooper will be taking parental leave around mid March. We are excited to welcome another baby to the CSISS team in 2022!

The familiar face of Sue Davies the CSISS Aquatic Program Coordinator will be taking on the Interim Executive Director role. We are excited to have Sue in this new role starting in March. A new Interim Aquatic Program Coordinator will be joining us soon.

Annual Land Manager Meeting

 CSISS is completing its annual review of the Columbia Shuswap priority invasive species list and watchlists from the 2020-2025 Columbia Shuswap Operational Plan for Invasive Species.  This meeting will be hosted online on March 3rd (1pm-3:30pm).

We invite all partners to provide input on regional invasive species lists. We also encourage any interested individuals to join in and learn more about invasive species in the Columbia Shuswap!

Zoom Meeting Registration: Click Here

Upcoming Events and Meetings
January 20th-Columbia Mountains Institute CREDtalks (Columbia Region Ecological Discussions)
February 1st-3rd – Invasive Species Centre Canada Online Forum
February 15th-17th- ISCBC Annual Forum and AGM
February 21st- 24th- Canadian Weed Science Society Meeting 
February 24th-  CBEEN- Not Extinct: Keeping the Sinixt Way
February 28th- 3rd March – National Invasive Species Awareness Week 
March 3rd – CSISS Annual Land Manager MeetingContact CSISS to book an online training presentation for your organization at: info@columbiashuswapinvasives.org
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