Moving a watercraft from one water body to another?


your watercraft, gear and water toys

1. Clean off all plant parts, animals, and mud from boat and equipment (e.g. boots, waders, fishing gear). Use power wash station if available.

2. Drain onto land all items that can hold water (e.g. buckets, wells, bilge, and ballast).

3. Dry all items completely before launching into another body of water.

Why does it matter?

Aquatic invasive species are plants, fish and animals that are not from BC, and that can have serious negative impacts on our environment, economy, and society. The most frequent and unintentional transmission of aquatic invasives from one lake or river to another is through the movement of watercraft and recreational equipment.

Boat Wash Locations in the Columbia Shuswap Region:

Bringing a watercraft into BC? 

It is mandatory to stop at Watercraft Inspection Stations

Images: Invasive Mussels BC Watercraft Inspection Stations 

Do not launch your boat into BC waters unless it has been inspected.  If you require an inspection call 1 877 952 7277

Marinas, boat brokers and boat haulers, please see the Aquatic Industry Best Management Practices document here.


To report Aquatic Invasive Species click this link!

To Report an Invasive Mussel: Call 1-877-952-RAPP (7277)

Aquatic Invasive Species of concern in the Columbia Shuswap

To continue to enjoy our pristine waterways it is vitally important that all boat types, big and small, are CLEANED, DRAINED and DRIED before moving from one water body to another.

Did you know?  

  • Invasive calms (Corbicula fluminea) have recently been discovered in the Shuswap Lake and could cause significant economic impacts?
  • Eurasian water milfoil was accidentally introduced to several lakes in the region and has seriously impacted recreational boating and swimming opportunities;
  • Whirling disease can be transmitted by infested mud and can decimate salmon populations;
  • Zebra and quagga mussels are not known in BC but if accidentally introduced to BC waterways could send our water and power costs skyrocketing.
Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society