High Priority Invasives

Provincial Priority Species List

Invasive species are prioritized at a Provincial scale using a science-based risk assessment process by the BC Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group. Management actions are further determined based on these priorities at a both Provincial and Regional scale and depending on available resources and treatment methods. To view current Provincial Priority Species information, visit their website here. The current (Dec 2020) Provincial Priority list can be viewed here.

Columbia Shuswap Priority Invasive Plant Lists

The regional priority invasive plant lists help guide inventory, treatment, monitoring and data management of invasive plants within the Columbia Shuswap Regional District. Annually, land managers meet to discuss and review these list and ensure they align with Provincial lists.

Salmon Arm IPMA Priority Plant List 2020

Revelstoke IPMA Priority Plant List 2020

Golden IPMA Priority Plant List 2020

Regional Watchlist for Invasive Species (non plants)

The purpose of this regional invasive species watchlist is to improve awareness and reporting in the Columbia Shuswap region. For priority ranking, risk assessments and management tools for invasive species, the Province of BC is the authority. To report invasive species, go to: www.reportinvasives.ca

View or download the Jan2021_ Columbia Shuswap Regional Invasive Species watchlist

See invasive animal profiles here.

Provincial priority invasive species list here