CSISS aims to engage residents, stewardship groups and land managers about a variety of invasive species issues.  In partnership with the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia (ISCBC) and PlayCleanGo, CSISS is able to share our knowledge across the region.


CDD_logo Clean Drain Dry encourages you to ‘clean drain dry’ all boats and equipment to help reduce the spread of invasive plants and organisms to BC waters.
PlantWise is a consumer and industry education program designed to build understanding of the problems caused by invasive species, increasing demand for non-invasive plants, and to support the horticulture industry’s transition to becoming free of invasive species.
Don’t Let it Loose Water gardeners, aquarium and terrarium owners can select from a variety of aquatic plants, invertebrates, reptiles and fish. Unfortunately, some of these exotic species have the potential to become invasive. Pets that become too much for an owner to care for are sometimes let loose into nearby water or woods — Don’t Let it Loose!
Play Clean Go  is an education and outreach campaign for outdoor recreationalists that encourages outdoor recreation while protecting our valuable natural resources. The objective is to slow or stop the spread of terrestrial invasive species through changes in our behaviour. PlayCleanGo is designed to foster actions that interrupt recreational pathways of spread for invasive species.
Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society