Invasive Plants

Detection and Eradication of New Invasives:

CSISS maximizes the probability of detection and eradication of new invasives by raising public awareness and delivering invasive species workshops. Additionally, CSISS staff responds to invasive species reports and conducts terrestrial and aquatic targeted invasive species surveys on behalf of partner agencies.

All invasive plant data is entered into the provincial Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP).  The IAPP database contains invasive plant surveys, treatments, and activity plans for the entire province of BC.


Invasive Plant Profiles:


 Yellow Flag Iris                                       Blueweed                                           Knapweeds                                   Scentless Chamomile                          Field Scabious 


Giant Hogweed                                    Himalayan Blackberry                           Common Tansy                                 Yellow Archangel                                Babys-Breath 


Himalayan Balsam                                 Hoary Alyssum                                      Knotweeds                                   Marsh Plume Thistle                            Eurasian Watermilfoil 


Purple Loosestrife                                 Rush Skeletonweed                             Scotch Broom                                       Scotch Thistle                                            Teasel