CSISS is hiring an Interim Aquatic Invasive Species Program Coordinator

Job Title: Interim Aquatic Invasive Species Program Coordinator

Job posting: #001

Closing date: January 3, 2022

Employment duration: Seasonal, hourly (Part time 4 months February- May, Full time 4 months June – October). Start date: February 7th, End date: October 7th.

Wage: $22-25 per hour, 4% vacation pay, travel expenses and work vehicle provided, and other benefits

Job location: Main office in Revelstoke, BC but travel required for position throughout the Columbia Shuswap Regional District.


Please include the following items in your application package:

  1. Job Application form: AIS Coordinator-Application-Form
  2. Resume, including two references (phone numbers)
  3. Driver’s abstract with 3 years clean driving record and claims history (Link for ICBC: https://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/getting-licensed/Pages/Your-driving-record.aspx )

    Please submit your application package no later than Midnight January 3, 2022 to:

    Robyn Hooper, Executive Director, Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society

    Email to: info@columbiashuswapinvasives.org

    Important Information:

    • All candidates selected for an interview must be available for one-hour online interview between January 17-21, 2022.
    • Only successful candidates for Job Reference 001 will be contacted for interviews and must be available to start February 7th, 2022 (this is somewhat flexible).
    • Applicants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (as per CSRD and Province of BC vaccination policies, due to CSISS being contractors to these agencies entering their facilities)

    Please send any questions to info@columbiashuswapinvasives.org


    CSISS is looking for an interim Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Program Coordinator. The AIS Coordinator will be primarily focused on managing the aquatic invasives outreach and lake monitoring program, as well as working with stakeholders, to ensure a coordinated approach to invasive species management in the region.  The base of operation will be out of Revelstoke, but there will be extensive travel throughout the Columbia Shuswap Regional District. Regular team meetings will occur weekly in Revelstoke, BC. Work hours will be regular weekly amounts throughout the length of the term, but hours may fluctuate daily with weather and project demands.

    Any questions may be directed to info@columbiashuswapinvasives.org

    Job Duties:

    • Lead annual aquatic program planning process, including organizing schedules, deliverables and agendas, with reference to the CSISS Strategic and Operational Plans, and CSISS Annual Work plan, including:
      • Draft project budgets and track costs and deliverables,
      • Develop detailed workplans for staff for aquatic invasive species outreach and invasive mussel monitoring,
      • Lead invasive mussel lake monitoring, surveys and special projects throughout region,
      • Supervise summer assistant(s),
      • Produce multiple year-end reports;
    • Provide recommendations to land management agencies as needed;
    • Encourage and support land managers and local governments to complete inventory and mapping;
    • Respond to email, phone and in-person aquatic invasive species reports;
    • Deliver outreach to aquatic stakeholders on priority aquatic invasive species and best practices;
    • Facilitate information sharing between Board members and invasive species stakeholders, including communications via email, telephone and in-person;
    • Collaborate and share information with regional invasive species committees throughout province;
    • Perform other duties as directed by the CSISS Executive Director.

    *See full job description and hour estimate posted at the bottom of the job posting below.


     The AIS Coordinator will be engaging with partners, staff, and the public on a daily basis and therefore needs to be energetic, positive, outgoing, charismatic and confident.  Successful candidates must be self-motivated, highly organized, responsible, and work well in a team.  All applicants must have completed a relevant post-secondary degree program or equivalent work experience.  All activities are physically demanding, and the position requires extensive driving throughout the region, therefore experienced driving skills are required.

    The AIS Coordinator will play a key role in overseeing CSISS’s Aquatics program, with a focus on work plan development, invasive mussel lake monitoring, data management, and delegation of duties to CSISS staff. The ideal candidate will have strong administration and communication skills; experience coordinating programs and managing staff; proficiency with GIS and database management; ability to work independently in the office and in the field; and general knowledge of the Columbia Shuswap Region and invasive species programming in British Columbia. They will help to plan, implement and evaluate various initiatives as CSISS continues to work towards achieving its mandate.

    Ideally, you will have a strong combination of the following skills:

    • Highly organized, skilled at documentation, attention to detail;
    • Excellent communicator (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills;
    • Previous management experience: manage multiple projects and adhere to tight deadlines; experience reporting, experience budgeting/ cost tracking
    • Strong motivational skills, self-directed, and problem-solver;
    • Ability to work independently with minimal direction, yet also work cooperatively with individuals, groups, stakeholders, Indigenous Peoples, government agencies, etc;
    • Technical proficiency in computers and applications including: MS Excel, MS Word, QGIS, iPad Mapping Programs such as GIS Pro
    • Knowledge and interest in invasive species;
    • Experience driving with long days and distances;
    • Experience coordinating a field-based program and supervising others;
    • Willingness to travel, and work weekends.

    Additional Assets:

    • Aquatic Plant/Animal identification
    • GIS Mapping and database management, in particular the BC Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP)

     Applicants MUST Possess/obtain within first 2 months of employment:

    • Current Worksafe BC OFA Level 1 or equivalent First Aid certification (note: cost for this can be covered by employer and this course can be taken within first two months of employment)
    • A valid BC driver’s license (Class 5) with 3 years driving record and claims history (no at fault accidents in the last 3 years; must have 3 or fewer road tickets in the last 3 years; must have no criminal convictions under the motor vehicle act) – these are rules of the Kootenay Carshare Co-op where we lease vehicles from.


    About CSISS

    The Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society (CSISS) is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer members representing private & public agencies, clubs and organizations in the Columbia-Shuswap Region of British Columbia. Members of the society are dedicated to increasing awareness of invasive species and associated losses caused to the natural and domestic resources of our Region. The Society performs invasive species inventory, treatment programs, promotes best management practices, and coordinates invasive species action, education and awareness activities throughout the Columbia-Shuswap Region.


    The Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society (CSISS) is committed to gender equality and social inclusion in our workplace. All qualified applications will receive consideration without regard to sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, color, religion, nationality, disability, age, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. We encourage all qualified persons to apply particularly Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, visible minorities, and others who share our values and contribute to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. Please notify us as soon as possible of any adaptive measures you might require at any stage of the recruitment process.


    Detailed AIS Coordinator Job Description:

    The AIS Program Coordinator shall report to the CSISS Executive Director. They will provide the following Services with guidance from the Board of Directors and Executive Director with support from qualified contractors and staff, as needed:

    General Administration:

    • Manage day to day CSISS Aquatic Invasive Species and AIS Outreach Programming, including AIS field operations and AIS education and outreach activities;
    • Track costs and deliverables of CSISS aquatic operations and special projects, as requested by the Executive Director;
    • Responsible for compiling and producing final reports related to CSISS aquatic operations in conjunction with the Executive Director;
    • Work closely with and support the CSISS Executive Director;
    • Maintain regular communication with the Executive Director, government agencies and relevant stakeholders, and CSISS Board as requested;
    • Respond to public and stakeholder inquiries about invasive species and their management;
    • Respond to messages (phone and email) within 72 hours;
    • Participate in conferences, conventions, workshops, training as necessary;
    • Build membership and maintain distribution list;
    • Encourage aquatic stakeholders to be involved in working groups or Board;
    • Identify gaps in the membership for under-represented interest groups and develop relationships;
    • Ensure that all field and outreach equipment and CSISS vehicle, is maintained and stored appropriately at all times;
    • Attend all relevant CSISS Board and Committee Meetings, and;
    • Perform other duties as directed by the CSISS board and Executive Director.

    Field Operations

    • Lead annual AIS field operations planning process, including organizing schedules, deliverables and agendas, with reference to the Canadian Columbia Basin Aquatic Invasive Species (CBAIS) Framework, CSISS Strategic and Operational Plans, and CSISS Annual Workplan;
    • Liaise regularly with neighbouring jurisdictions (EKISC, CKISS, SIWMC, NORD, etc) and CBAIS Lead on AIS field operations and implementation along borders;
    • Develop annual AIS field operations maps;
    • Lead AIS field inventory and mapping;
    • Provide recommendations to aquatic managers as needed;
    • Ensure all data is entered into IAPP/CSISS databases;
    • Verify AIS species reports using local experts, enter data into IAPP;
    • Maintain up-to-date inventory list of all aquatic field gear;
    • Research and maintain up to date knowledge of invasive species specific treatment options;
    • Summarize all AIS work and surveys to date in the region, and;
    • Perform other duties as directed by the CSISS board and Executive Director.

    Education & Outreach/ Communications

    • Facilitate information sharing between Board members and aquatic invasive species stakeholders, including communications via email, telephone and in-person;
    • Collaborate and share information with regional invasive species committees throughout province;
    • Coordinate Clean-Drain-Dry, Don’t Let It Loose, and Aquatic Outreach Program campaigns;
    • Lead and assist with organization and delivery of workshops, meetings, conferences, Annual General Meeting, technical training, field tours and special events, as required;
    • Encourage stakeholders and stewardship groups to participate in AIS programs;
    • Identify and communicate with CSISS aquatic stakeholders;
    • Organize boater outreach at boat launches throughout the region;
    • Ensure all CSISS aquatic outreach data is logged and tracked;
    • Maintain and respond to CSISS toll-free reporting phone hotline;
    • Assist with developing aquatic-related outreach, such as newsletters, press releases, media announcements and news articles, as required;
    • Use social media to communicate with the public about aquatic programs; and
    • Perform other duties as directed by the CSISS board and Executive Director.

    Human Resources

    • Help train and supervise summer students and contractors, as required;
    • Act as a secondary point of contact/ supervisor for seasonal staff;
    • Submit bi-weekly timesheets describing hourly tasks and monthly expense reimbursements with original receipts, and;
    • Perform other duties as directed by the CSISS board and Executive Director.

     Hour Estimate by Pay Period

    Note: this is provided as estimate, as hours may be flexible, but must not exceed total hours, and include all statutory holidays and sick leaves.

    08-Jan-22 1
    22-Jan-22 2
    05-Feb-22 3
    40 19-Feb-22 4 Start date February 7
    40 05-Mar-22 5
    40 19-Mar-22 6
    40 02-Apr-22 7
    40 16-Apr-22 8
    40 30-Apr-22 9
    40 14-May-22 10
    40 28-May-22 11
    70 11-Jun-22 12
    70 25-Jun-22 13
    70 09-Jul-22 14
    70 23-Jul-22 15
    70 06-Aug-22 16
    70 20-Aug-22 17
    70 03-Sep-22 18
    35 17-Sep-22 19 Unpaid holiday week
    70 01-Oct-22 20
    35 15-Oct-22 21 End date October 7th



    Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society