Revelstoke’s Wildflower Festival CSISS Event!

This year is celebrating CSISS’ 10th year of operations, and to participate in Wildflower Festival we thought we would like to channel some of the aspects of our community we love the most.

  • Connecting, being outside & caring for the environments in which we spend time and recreate in!

To celebrate those elements, we are hosting our first-ever “Speed Weed” event!

Date: Friday 11th August 2023

Time:  3pm – 6pm

Location: Kovach Park Revelstoke

What is the Speed Weed event?

Speed Weed is an exciting and dynamic event where participants become true “Speedy Weeders.”

Armed with gloves and determination, you’ll have just 5 minutes to race against the clock, weeding a designated plot of invasive species. The goal is to remove as many of these intruders as possible within the time limit. It’s a test of speed, skill, and teamwork!


Why Join Speed Weed?

  • Make a Positive Impact: By participating in Speed Weed, you’ll directly contribute to managing invasive species and preserving our local ecosystem.
  • Fun-Filled Challenge: Speed Weed promises an exhilarating experience as you compete with friends, family, and community members in this thrilling event

How to Get Involved?

Participation is open to all ages and skill levels, making Speed Weed a fantastic activity for families, friends, and nature enthusiasts. Simply show up at Kovach Park on Friday 11th August and register at the event booth. We’ll provide all the necessary equipment, so just bring your enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference!

For any inquiries or to learn more about the Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society, feel free to contact us at


We look forward to seeing you there


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