Join us for an engaging and informative workshop on the effective management of Yellow Flag Iris through the implementation of Benthic Barriers.

Led by renowned expert Dr. Catherine Tarasoff from Agrowest Consulting, this workshop will shed light on the “what, why, where, and how” of Benthic Barriers as a treatment method for combating the invasive Yellow Flag Iris species.

Yellow Flag Iris poses a significant threat to wetlands, streams, and lakeshores, as it rapidly spreads through seed dispersal and horizontal roots, out-competing native vegetation and altering delicate ecosystems. To address this issue, Benthic Barriers have emerged as a promising solution, effectively impeding the growth and spread of Yellow Flag Iris while preserving the integrity of aquatic habitats.

During this workshop, Dr. Catherine Tarasoff will provide participants with comprehensive insights into the purpose and benefits of Benthic Barriers as a management strategy. Drawing from her extensive expertise, Dr. Tarasoff will delve into the scientific principles underlying Benthic Barriers, elucidating the mechanisms by which they hinder the proliferation of Yellow Flag Iris. She will also discuss their applicability across various environments, including wetlands, streams, and lake shorelines.

By attending this workshop, you will gain practical knowledge on the implementation of Benthic Barriers, including proper installation techniques and maintenance practices. Dr. Tarasoff will share valuable tips and best practices for achieving optimal results in controlling Yellow Flag Iris infestations.

This workshop is a must-attend for environmental enthusiasts, conservationists, land managers, and anyone seeking effective strategies to combat the spread of Yellow Flag Iris. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect our precious aquatic ecosystems.

Join us on Friday 4th August 2023 at 9am at Phillips Lake- 8748 Skimikin Road,  for this workshop.

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Refreshments will be provided, and there will be ample opportunities for questions and discussions. We look forward to your participation in this important event. Together, let’s safeguard our wetlands, streams, and lake shores from the invasive Yellow Flag Iris menace.

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