American Bullfrog


Image courtesy of the Invasive Species Society of British Columbia

Latin name:

Lithobates catesbeiana

Native to:

Eastern North America

Regional Distribution:

The American Bullfrog is not yet found within the Columbia Shuswap Regional District.  In British Columbia, it can be found in the lower mainland, southern Vancouver Island, South Okanagan, and recently in the South Kootenays.  It is widely distributed in the western United States where initial introductions took place.


American Bullfrogs are large robust frogs, green or brown in colour with large golden eyes. Adult females are larger than males and can reach 20 cm in length and 750 g in weight.  Both males and females have a large distinct tympanum (ear) behind the eye.  For more information visit the B.C. Frogwatch Program.


Mapping the spread and physically catching and removing American Bullfrogs from the ecosystem can reduce the movement of this invader into the Columbia Shuswap Regional District.

You can help! Don’t transport Bullfrogs from one pond to another.  Bullfrog tadpoles and adults can be enticing ‘pets’ for children and for gardeners looking to liven up their backyard ponds, but this simple form of movement seems to be one of the primary ways Bullfrogs spread across the province.

Fun facts:
American Bullfrogs are voracious predators.  They will eat anything that fits into their mouth including insects and other small invertebrates, birds, small mammals, snakes, and other frogs (including smaller Bullfrogs).