Yellow Flag Iris


Latin name:

Iris pseudacorus

Native to:

Europe, central Asia and northwest Africa

Regional Distribution:
Yellow flag iris can be found in the shallows along the perimeter of lakes in the Shuswap region. It has naturalized from people’s gardens and can form a dense mat of rhizomes, out-competing native vegetation and reducing the quality of wetland habitats. Please do NOT purchase or plant these deceptive invasives!

Large yellow flower with broad, sword-shaped leaves. It is most easily identified when in bloom.
Yellow flag is the only iris to inhabit wetland areas; if you see it report it immediately and remove from private property.

The best control is prevention (do not plant in your garden) and early action.
For recommended control methods please visit these resources:

Fun facts:
Recent efforts have been made by the White Lake Stewardship group to remove an infestation of yellow flag iris threatening the wetland there.  Check out new research on Yellow Flag Iris control in our area!