Marsh Plume Thistle



Latin name:

Cirsium palustre  

Native to:


Regional Distribution:

Marsh plume thistle currently has limited distribution in the Columbia Shuswap Regional District. This species is  being controlled and monitored in both the Revelstoke and the Salmon Arm Invasive Plant Management Areas (IPMA’s).


Marsh plume thistle is distinguishable by clusters of purple flowers located at the end of its stems. The stems are usually single, un-branched with hairy leaves, growing up to 2 meters tall. It is commonly found in moist woodlands, riparian areas and roadsides.


Mechanical removal is an effective method of control when done before flowering to prevent seed-set. If the area is hand-pulled or cut/ mowed before flowering, the plant can be left to decompose on site. If plants have started to flower, flowers must be bagged and removed from the site to prevent the production of viable seeds.  More information about Marsh Plume Thistle and control options can be found on the TIPS sheet.