Baby’s Breath


Latin name:

Gypsophila paniculata 

Native to:


Regional Distribution:
The distribution of Baby’s Breath in the Columbia-Shuswap is not well known although it has been confirmed in a few locations in and around Golden. Baby’s Breath is generally introduced by nurseries in order to supply flower shops with the dainty blooms that are common in floral arrangements and wedding bouquets.

Baby’s Breath are perennial plants that produce tap roots up to 4 m deep. These deep tap roots can sustain a plant through drought and poor soil conditions. Numerous small white flowers can be found on short stalks and are often used in floral bouquets or dried flower arrangements.

The best control is prevention and early action. Do not plant Baby’s Breath in your garden! More information about Baby’s Breath and control options can be found on the Alberta Invasive Plant Council’s website.