Natalie Stafl

Natalie Stafl is the Fire and Vegetation Ecologist Team Leader in Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks.  She works on forest health, ecosystem monitoring and restoration and supports the Parks Canada fire management program. Natalie received a master’s degree in Zoology at UBC studying the impacts of hikers and a warming climate on American pika as well as a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Conservation from the UBC Faculty of Forestry.  Along with her colleagues in the mountain national parks, Natalie coordinates whitebark pine recovery, invasive plant management and restoration efforts. She is interested in the conservation of ecosystems and their natural processes and can be found recreating in the mountains in her spare time.She joined the Board in September 2018 as a representative from Parks Canada, however she has been involved with CSISS previously as it’s first Coordinator in 2013 and as a Board alternate.